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  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
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  4 Dec 2012, Tuesday  
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  4 Dec 2012, Tuesday  
Love Made Visible

Our lives have become fast. We want everything right here and right now, and often not satisfied with what we get but moving onto the next best thing. Most of us don’t take the time to see the wonder of nature, to appreciate what is in front of us, and to say yes to life  - no matter what the present moment entails.

Doing things slowly, with great love and attention to detail, honoring tradition and more importantly, honoring and being present with the work in front of you is what Neri Karra prides itself for. We do smallest things with great love – a wallet, a key chain, a handbag. A wallet is made of approximately 90 parts, and every single part is crafted meticulously and by hand. In the words of Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, work is love made visible, and to work with love is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from one’s heart.

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