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  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
The Very Best
  4 Dec 2012, Tuesday  
Behind The Scenes
  3 Nov 2014, Monday  
Hello, South Africa

The month of October was full of amazing developments and one of them was that our first store in South Africa opened in Johannesburg on the 30th. To celebrate the opening, we had an event where top stylists, editors and fashion insiders attended. What I love about the South African market is how open and full of positivity customers are and how they value beautifully made things. This is why, I am very honoured to have our store open in Melrose Arch - perfect location at the perfect city.

Visit NERI KARRA store in Johannesburg, South Africa:
Shop 004bl3
The High Street

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  30 Oct 2014, Thursday  
Office Life

Would you like to peek into my office? Here are behind the scene, personal photos of my office in Istanbul. Every object that I have in here has a meaning for me: paintings and art that I bought from my travels, a Buddha statue, a ruby, a picture of me and my brother from Bulgaria and pomegranates from the tree in my garden. And of course: books.

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  21 Oct 2014, Tuesday  
Love Made Visible
Amore Fatto Visibile

The ‘grandemaestro’ from our design studio in Italy visited us. He was in the Istanbul factory and he inquired about what “Love Made Visible” slogan meant in Italian. When we told him the translation, he was very moved, and indeed he said it is the most accurate description and captures what Neri Karra is about.

In Italian, it sounds even more poetic:

Amore Fatto Visibile

Here we take you on a tour of the factory, as we create love moment by moment, piece by piece, each crafted with outmost attention, each made with love.

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  10 Apr 2013, Wednesday  
Love Made Visible

All Neri Karra women’s bags are first designed in our studio in Italy, few kilometres from Florence, a region where leather making is a tradition to be passed on with love. The design process itself can take up to 6 months, from idea to sample production, and once design process is approved, it is passed onto the hands of expert craftsmen in Istanbul, to Neri Karra’s own factory that houses some of the top craftsmen, each trained for at least a decade in their craft. The bags come to life in the hands of these masters, who leave their excellence on the leather.

The production begins with the selection of leather, which is hand-picked by Neri Karra herself, and must meet a highly demanding criteria. Afterwards, craftsmen whose eyes are trained to detect even the most minor flaw, would inspect each hide with outmost care, always following the same ritual: touching, examining and marking any imperfections found on the skin.

“The material has to be perfect, and we only will select the best. We pull the leather tight so that if there is even a tiny flaw, it becomes visible to the eye”.

Next step is the assembly. The craftsmen only work with Italian and German rounded tools to ensure that leather is never damaged and is cut with precision. The interior of the bags are just as important as the exterior, and this is why, the lining is made exclusively for Neri Karra in Lago di Como. The handles of each bag are made using the saddle stitch technique, that is stronger than any machine stitching.

“Saddle stitching is an art, and I trained for nearly 40 years in this artisanship. I live my golden era at Neri Karra”.

It is the human hand that controls every part of production, and even the edges of the bags are hand-painted using a custom-made varnish. Next it’s time for support material, metalwork and accessorize the bag. Each metal accessory, from zipper to grommets, lock and even base studs that prevent the bag to touch the floor, are all coated with precious-metal that is well known for its lightness and durability – palladium. This level of attention to detail is the Neri Karra signature – all coming together to create an exquisite beauty that is timeless.

Once the bags completely the physical production stage, they are passed onto the quality control department that will check seams, leather, base studs, stitching, lining and so on. Everything is methodically approved, checked, cleaned and protected. It takes close to 50 hours to create a handbag, each made with passion, patience and love. It is love made visible in the truest sense.

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