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Seeing Istanbul
Ara Guler

Meet Ara Guler , known as one of the best 7 photographers in the world, and as he likes to describe himself: a visual historian. Born in 1928, the Turkish-Armenian photojournalist, Guler, believed that photography should document the lives of people and capture the evolution of humanity and how cities transformed over time. His work documented far away lands, cities and the rich and famous such as Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock and Dustin Hoffman among others. But he is most proud of capturing his beloved city, Istanbul. He showed us the children playing in mud, the whirling dervishes permorfing their dance, as well as fishermen going out into the sea. It was not the building or the historical sites, but humanity that he was interested in.

“When I’m taking a picture of Aya Sofia, what counts is the person passing by who stands for life”

I recently had a chance to meet him at my favourite seafood restaurant on the Bosphorus, and I wanted to introduce you to him as his work and philosophy is in line with Neri Karra – to make love visible.

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