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  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
The Very Best
  4 Dec 2012, Tuesday  
Behind The Scenes
  28 May 2013, Tuesday  
Small is Beautiful
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  26 May 2013, Sunday  
Delicate Rose

During a lunchtime walk in Istanbul, I came across this beautifully delicate, and the tiniest rose, I have ever seen. It served as a backdrop to highlight the beauty of our products.

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  24 May 2013, Friday  

Flowers have a language of their own, and roses always mean love. While red roses are for passion, pink for liking, yellow for friendship, blue roses have always been very unique and since the colour blue is associated with royalty, the blue rose symbolises regal majesty and splendour.

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  22 May 2013, Wednesday  
La Vie En Rose


I have had my love affair with roses, which started before I could even remember. When I was a little child, I was lucky to grow up in the midst of the untamed beauty of nature. I still remember vividly the rose tree in our garden, and how almost mystical its shape was, the elegant shape of an opening bud and the intoxicating perfume of a blossom. 

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