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Istanbul, Turkey
A childhood dream
Jennifer Heale

A childhood  dream. A villa surrounded by poppy flowers. Chasing ladybugs. White butterflies in the summer heat. Beautiful white horses. Calves raised on mother’s milk. Fresh fruits growing on trees. Picking fresh grapes. The ceremony of wine making. Grandmother cooking with seasonal vegetables. Laughter. Family togetherness. Swimming in freshwater rivers. Nature in all its purity and innocence. Integrity. Tanneries, ironworks. Doing things with love. The beauty of handiwork. A saddlemaker. A winegrower. The smell of leather. Wine that is made at home. Living all four season. Running freely. Curiosity that turns into a thirst for learning. Books. Movies. Leather that turns into a saddle. A silk that turns into a beautiful gown. A childhood dream realized. Neri Karra

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