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  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
The Very Best
  4 Dec 2012, Tuesday  
Behind The Scenes
  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
The Very Best

Snapped in Bologna, Italy where the world's largest trade fair takes place, showcasing the most excquisite leather suppliers and trends for the forthcoming season.

Selecting the very best Italian leather since its inception for Neri Karra fans.

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  18 Oct 2012, Thursday  
Stay Tuned

Neri Karra's Brand DNA is Italian quality, London creativity and outstanding Turkish craftsmanship. London is where the creativity and inspiration takes place. I worked with Victoria Li (although she doesn't like me to say it, the super talented graphic designer) on the changes and re-edited and re-designed the website, mocked up the upcoming lookbook, and other more suprising things. Stay tuned and watch this space. I will be revealing them by one by one...

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  16 Oct 2012, Tuesday  
Once Upon a Time

There are  traditions where skilled handiwork is of outmost importance. One can have the most advanced technology, but without the input and care of human touch, love and attention, the result cannot be outstanding. Wine making is one such tradition, and it is a tradition that comes from my family. It spans centuries and generations.

My family was born in Bulgaria (although I have roots in Central Asia and modern-day Turkey), and for centuries, has faced hardship and poverty. Despite that, wine making has been such a tradition in my family that even when they struggled to survive, they maintained their dignity, love of life, and of course, respect to tradition. I remember when I was a little girl, I would watch my family members care for the grapes, walk for hours and hours in the sun collecting the grapes to be crushed later with their feet. It was a time of celebration, a time of togetherness, as we would all gather at the end of this process, singing songs, eating delicious and freshly made food, and always wearing their best clothes for the occasion.

Today, I believe respect for handiwork, tradition, and celebration continues in Neri Karra. The respect and honour of the past, becomes new in the hands of a craftsmen who only would let his best work leave the factory, and at the end, the celebration comes when the Neri Karra product is seen in every day life.

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  16 Oct 2012, Tuesday  

Today is World Food Day. To celebrate it, I want to share with you five favourite autumnal food:

1. Truffles
The ultimate luxury food of autumn is truffles. Whether it is black or white, it adds deliciousness grated to your risotto or pasta. If you want to taste it fresh, book a weekend trip to Alba, Pedmont, where White Truffle Fair takes place until the 17th of November.

2. Porcini
Porcini mushrooms are found in the Northern Hemisphere across Europe, Asia and North America. They are quite expensive because there are not many of them and they grow during a short period of time in autumn. Pick the small ones, because gourmets consider them tastier. 

3. Aceto Balsamico
This traditional product was made in Modena and Reggio Emilia since the Middle Ages. It is highly appreciated worldwide by chefs as a versatile element to combine with sweet or salty foods. I am lucky to know one of the oldest producers in Modena, who has kindly gifted me with a rare bottles of aceto balsamico – the most delicious one I ever tasted!

4. Pumpkin
Deliciously prepared as a pie, or as Turkish borek, nothing symbolizes the arrival of autumn like pumpkin. Widely popular in the traditional Ottoman cuisine, pumpkin is popular as a candied dessert, with minced meat and potatoes, as well as with a 12 hour slowly roasted lamb.

5. Figs
Figs have two seasons: a quick early summer season, and an autumn season starting in September. Where I grew up in Bulgaria, we used to have an enormous fig tree in our garden. It used to be my hideaway. It was so big that I would sit for hours on its branches, reading, or just watching the world go by. The tree, and the fruit have significance for me, and they remind me of childhood memories.

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