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  19 Oct 2012, Friday  
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  23 Oct 2014, Thursday  
Beyond the Visible and Known
Joan Miro

When in Istanbul, I visited the Joan Miro exhibition at the Sakip Sabanci Museum, a private fine arts museum with magnificent views of the Bosphorus. It is a must visit exhibition if you happen to be in Istanbul by February, 2015. Along with Picasso and Dali, Miro was a Catalan Spanish modernist who dominated the 20th century art. The exhibition titled Women, Birds, and Stars focuses mainly on the symbolism that Miro used in his art. In fact what stood out for me mainly is that he truly could see beyond an everyday object and therefore, create it into art. I felt that as he created, he also had an almost childlike curiosity and such a profound appreciation for looking and truly seeing beyond the visible, and beyond the object. He was almost like a mystic who developed his own visual and poetic vocabulary - stars and spirals, symbols of infinity and nothingness, the number 13 and 9. What I saw was the work of a great artist who had a deep and abiding love for life, which he made visible through his work. "Everything can be useful," Miró said (in 1947) of his use of ordinary objects in his work. One example for this seeing beyond the visible is his sculpture titled “Girl Escaping”, where he used a tap as the hat.

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  21 Oct 2014, Tuesday  
Love Made Visible
Amore Fatto Visibile

The ‘grandemaestro’ from our design studio in Italy visited us. He was in the Istanbul factory and he inquired about what “Love Made Visible” slogan meant in Italian. When we told him the translation, he was very moved, and indeed he said it is the most accurate description and captures what Neri Karra is about.

In Italian, it sounds even more poetic:

Amore Fatto Visibile

Here we take you on a tour of the factory, as we create love moment by moment, piece by piece, each crafted with outmost attention, each made with love.

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  10 Oct 2014, Friday  
An October in Istanbul

The October issue of British Vogue invites us to escape to Istanbul for the weekend, and we did just that. This month, we had a busy week in our factory (stay tuned for a brand new collection that will be unveiled soon) in Istanbul: a city of rich cultural heritage, exciting art scene, a place where craftsmanship is celebrated (and hence the reason where all of our products are made by hand). We had a day of ‘playing tourist’, that first started with a visit to the rich historical sites of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Basilica. Then, we made our way to the picturesque hotel that used to be an Ottoman palace, Ciragan Kempinski, and ended up going to an exhibition of Joan Miro. The evening finished at a family-owned seafood restaurant with freshly caught fish and organic food. This is what Istanbul is about: it has a way of surprising, delighting, and keeping you present with its varied colours, tastes and smells.

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  7 Feb 2014, Friday  
Tate Modern, London
Paul Klee - Making Visible

Paul Klee is one of the most prolific artists of the twentieth century. The recent exhibition at the Tate Modern contains work from almost every stage of Klee’s career, giving us a glimpse into the artist’s exciting, varied and rich world. There are 130 works distributed through 17 rooms, with optical tricks, jokes and surprises, and it is not only a big exhibition in terms of size, but also richness.

Klee’s art has a purpose, in addition to being beautiful and entertaining. He wanted every single of his works to be autonomous, and in his most well known aphorism said “the point of art is not to reproduce the visible, but to make visible”.

Paul Klee Exhibition is at the Tate Modern, until March 9th

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